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The only requirements for installing and run Tetrabyblos, are:

  • having an website made in WordPress
  • have the permission to upload and install plugins (allowed in any common and proper installation service)

Usually, any WordPress based website has these simple features. However, we encountered 2 cases where our users didn’t had the simple permission to install one single Plugin, not even the ones from the marketplace – which is far from being logical or fair since they are paying a considerable price for the hosting.

If you are using WordPress.com, for example, then you cannot install plugins. We often see on the web complaints from their users saying that they can’t see the plugins menu in their WordPress dashboard. It is because you are using WordPress.com, which has its limitations (earning limitations, inability of installing plugins or upload themes, etc.). You can, however, install plugins on WordPress.com if you upgrade to their business plan (which is expensive). On the other hand, you can install any plugin you want on your self hosted WordPress.org website right out of the box.  And the migration process from the first to the second is not that hard (we are preparing an article about the process). If you want to take control of your website, change its appearance and give it (almost) unlimited functionalities and features, you can either choose WordPress.org, or another hosting provider (not necessarely a specific WordPress one).

So, before ordering Tetrabyblos, you must be sure you can install a plugin. To do that, on your WP dashboard, click in the Plugins menu – if you don’t have it, it’s automatically the end of the story. If you do have it, look at its submenus and see if there’s an option “Add new”. Again, if not, you’re done. However, if you have that choice, make sure you have another one – after clicking in add new –  called “Upload Plugin”. If you don’t reach this final phase, you are not able to install plugins of any kind. In some exceptions, you might be allowed to add one from the private WordPress marketplace, but not one you bought or downloaded freely from a trusted repository (including the WordPress itself). You can’t install an external plugin. Period.

Even if it’s for security reasons in some cases, the fact is that several users are being greatly impaired, with the wrong idea and impression that the service that they are paying is at a fair price and that they are enjoying a complete package and service with all the features of a normal WordPress installation. It’s not like this at all. You can have, for example, a simple shared host (with an average cost of $3 to $5 dollars a month), with all the major features of any website (control panel, FTP, lots of space, etc.), and have a personalized installation of WordPress with all the features it offers. So think wisely if you are one of these cases, not because you aren’t able to install specifically Tetrabyblos, but because you are being prevented to enjoy literally thousands of other useful plugins, mostly free..

Our sugestions and recommendations, from personal experience, when we didn’t had our own VPS:

Read our review and options in our article about Mochahost and Bluehost. If you want more information now, go directly through the above links and speak with the team in real time chat – they are very helpful (both of the companies).

Clear skies 🙂



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