4 . Working with your own reports

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By default, Tetrabyblos brings Max Heindel’s interpretation reports. So, if you choose  to show the reports, they will appear in the chart information.

In the Tetrabyblos main menu, in the Interpretations section, you have a serie of tabs ( for signs, aspects, etc) for defining those texts – to define your own texts.

So the basic operations you can do after adding or modifying a text, or to create one, are:

  • Delete an entry (or several): just check the box next to the entry (entries) you wish to delete in the column “Mark“, and press the “Save Changes and Delete marked“.
  • Add an entry: write the text you want in the last blank and empty textbox for the specific combination you choose in the first columns, and again press the “Save Changes and Delete marked“. If the combination was already entered, you’ll be notified of the repetion.
  • To deactivate an entry (or several): uncheck all the entries you wish to define as drafts (or simply not to show them) by unchecking the box near to each at the “Active” colum. Again, press the “Save Changes and Delete marked”. By default, all the entries are active and ready to be incorporated in the reports. To disable one, or several you don’t want to show, just uncheck it (them) and press “Save Changes and Delete marked“.

Dispite this configuration, the texts will only appear if the option “Show Interpretations” in the main Tetrabyblos menu is set to “Yes”.


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