I became a researcher in my early childhood. My father held an immense and gigantic (for me) library, whose books I “devoured” with an endless curiosity that remained throughout my life. This way, I was interested at the same time in exact sciences (mathematics and celestial mechanics), social sciences (archeology, history and religion) and the so-called occult sciences, such as magic, astrology, and occultism.

I have, over the years, molded some of my scarce knowledge into articles and software programs for both the PC and the internet. This current project – Tetrabyblos – was born in the reality of an approximate study of the orbital movement of celestial objects and of my willingness to implement in a single plugin the aspects that I considered to be the most interesting in astrology. I took my bachelors degree on Physics and Applied Mathematics, I’ve studied all my life all these still unknown arts, gathering constant and endless information, and still today I feel before the Cosmos like that little boy who looked at a small bookcase of handpicked books and was taken by the fascination and immensity of knowledge.

I am therefore a perpetual student – and I will always be an apprentice.

Clear skies 🙂