Install Guide

Steps for installing the Plugin

1) Please unzip the Bundle file in the download area. You’ll get one folder called Documentation – the documentation in PDF along the zipped Max Heindel’s report – and a zip file called, which is the plugin (do not unzip this file please). Alternatively, you can download only the documents zipped file and the plugin (do not unzip the plugin).

2) If you haven’t yet installed any of the plugin versions the process is simple: enter your admin Word Press panel, click in Plugins (on the left menu), and then click – on the top – in “Add new”. At the new screen, click again on the top in “Upload Plugin”. In the next screen you can choose the file you want to upload, which is
After choosing the file, please click on “Install now”. When the message that the plugin was sucessful installed press “Activate Plugin” please – otherwise the plugin won’t show or run. You can see now the admin icon for Tetrabyblos at the right menu.

3) If you already have installed the old version, you cannot do automatically step 2 if you want to upgrade it manually (for automatic mode, see step 4). You must go first to the Plugins page – as before – and right below the Tetrabyblos Plugin, you must deactivate it first. After that, still in the Plugins page, you can then delete the plugin (the option is also bellow the name). After this process, you can now proceed to step 2. Updating manually Tetrabyblos will make you loose all the files and configurations (except the reports if you made an earlier backup in the Tetrabyblos menu which can be restored).

4) In your member’s area, you have an api key associated to your domain or subdomain. If you haven’t introduced yet your domain in your profile, you must. If you change you domain at any time, you should update it allways – a new key will be generated. With this license api key, you must go now to the Tetrabyblos License Menu, and activate it, by introducing your email and the license key. This way you will allways be notified of upgrades to the plugin, and will have access to update it automatically within your WordPress website. 🙂