Tetrabyblos – Demo

This is an example of a simple integration of Tetrabyblos Word Press Professional plugin (version within a page of one of the most common WPress Themes. The form below is inserted automatically with a single shortcode in the place of your choice (can be anywhere on your template pages):

which shows the form below called Natal Chart Calculation. NOTE that ALL the calculated sections of the plugin are going to show up – by default – so you can see in this demo what are the possibilities and features of the plugin. HOWEVER, any of these sections can be disabled if you wish, not showing up on the results to the end user (for simple and not too much elaborated charts, for instance). The options in the admin section for showing the written reports is enabled in this demo, but since there are no full descriptive texts configured – it’s up to the admin to decide that – just partial reports are shown. You control all the text contents and turn visible only those you want to. This demo has some of the Max Heindel‘s interpretations, as an example. Enjoy!
If you rather want to see the Vedic chart (north style) demo, please go to this link.


Please fill out the requested fields below (name, date of birth, etc.), and just press “Calculate Chart” to see the results

Tetrabyblos Tetrabyblos

Natal Chart Calculation

Please enter your birth details below.

Your Name

Birth time:

Unknow time birth

Birth date:


Birth City:

Longitude, latitude and timezone are automatically calculated from birth place.

Time zone:



House System:


(END of shortcode! It all happens between these 2 sections.)
This is a sample of what you can configure and achieve in your admin section. Here are some screenshots of the options available on the admin section just as an example.


At the time, the plugin calculates:

  • Ecliptic tropical/sidereal longitude of the major celestial bodies/points (Sun to Pluto, Lilith, ascendant. Mid-heaven, moon’s nodes, Syzygy and about 90 major Arabic Parts), about 60 important stars in astrology and the cusps of the houses – both for radix (birth chart) and current transit.
  • Enumerates the Dignities (including Terms and Faces), Elements and Qualities (with percentages) of the planets and the most important aspects between them. Select essential dignities table system between Ptolemy and Dorotheus (or the users can make their own personalized table). Calculate the essential dignities scores (according to the table system chosen).
  • Gives the primary astrological Vedic – Jyotisha – information for that chart: Nakshatram, Yoga, Karana, Thiti, Pada, Rasi, madhya/sandhi houses, and Dasa periods (birth and current). By default, uses the Lahiri Ayanamsa when the tropical chart is requested for mutual comparison of both systems. Coordinates both of the Rasi and the Nakshatra are given, with Pada and house position.
  • Has 13 different House systems at your disposal (like Placidus, Porphyrius, Equal, Regiomontanus, Campanus, Morinus, Koch, Topocentric, etc.)
  • Has 13 different reference Ayanamsas (like Lahiri, Fagan/Bradley, DeLuce, B. V. Raman, etc.).
  • Has a built-in atlas with almost 145500 cities in the world, with historical time zone calculations or manual if you wish so. You can either choose from the atlas, or introduce yourself the geographic coordinates and time zone offset of the place of birth.
  • Draws the western graphical chart – with birth and transit, and a zoom function – and the table of aspects along the other sections: main astronomical events connected to the birth (season, moon phases and near eclipse), planets, houses and stars positions, natal aspects, Arabic parts, classical dignities (including mutual receptions and scores), elements and qualities (with percentages), Vedic information, and the written report (automatic or written by the user). It also can generate – alternately – the Vedic north style chart with the Vargas (from rashi to D60), with the main important information. Possibility to write and define your own interpretations texts and manage them in the Word Press administration panel giving the visitant the possibility of getting a personal report “on the fly”.
  • Transits reports, giving positions, graphic and interpretations for future dates (chosen in a calendar mode).
  • Ability to hide/show all the above or not, configure at some extent the layout of the sections (like placing side a side the planets and houses table, or place the aspect graphic in the end of the layout, etc.), the colors of the astrological graphical chart and planets, the buttons style, etc.
  • The plugin can be translated internally to any language by the user.
  • Print feature (in beta test phase).
  • Capable of saving and backup the personal texts and/or the settings to files, and import them in a new installation/update for example.
  • Despite all the features, it’s very easy to install and to use!


Your opinion counts a great deal to us!…

Please send us your feedback regarding the plugin itself, and any sugestions to improve it regarding its features. Thank you very much.