Why the need for Tetrabyblos?…

We could say that it’s just another common plugin on the market – but it’s not.

The most common and easy platform to manage, nowadays, for establishing a website or a blog is surely Word Press. Many astrologers use it to establish themselves for several reasons: pure information providers, or to offer professional services, for example.

The capability of giving their users natal charts online is very limited, yet very important and apealing. Either the existing solutions depend from third party services, or they are too expensive, or even demand special permission (like running executables files – which is commonly forbiden).

Here is where Tetrabyblos Plugin enters. It’s affordable, professional, easy to implement (with, literally, a single line of code), and allows full customization in its looks and personal written reports. This kind of concept – in design and in its techical capabilities – doesn’t exists on the market.

Tetrabyblos is not done yet, and I believe it never will. It has much to evolve in the next years. It’s not a finished product. It will follow the evolution of astrology adapting itself as a indispensable tool.

And it’s being improved constantly mainly because of the precious feedback of professional astrologers, who suggest new features and ideas. And it’s for them – and consequently for the end users – that all the efforts are being made.

It requires hard, tiring and dificult work, but it’s certainly worthy.

Join our community, and participate in this pioneer research project 🙂

Clear skies.



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