1 . General Main Menu features: Enable/disable sections/bodies/points

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When you enter the Tetrabyblos admin menu, you can choose between several option. For starters, you can choose in the “General settings” the following:

  • Show interpretations: choose to enable or not the output of your reports (show or hide).
  • Show advanced options to user: if you wish to give your visitor the possibility of choosing the house and zodiac system, set this option to “Yes” – otherwise, choose “No”.
  • Select scale design: since the WordPress templates are differente in its graphical definitions, from one to another, the output of the form and results of the plugin might be too big or too small, not fitting idealy in the general design. That’s why you can scale the form, from 60% to 100% of its original scale design. Usually, a percentage of 85% is good for all the templates.
  • Select default house system: when you disable the ability of the user to choose the house system, you can define which system you wish to use by default, your favourite, in this option (Placidus, Koch, Campanus, Regiomontanus, Equal, etc.)
  • Select default Zodiac system: the previous applies also to the zodiac system. If you maintain the option “Western”, the Lahiri Sidereal system will be used. You can switch for another that you find more adequate to your needs (like the Fagan/Bradley, etc.)
  • Select essential dignities table system: for the calculation of the dignities and their scores, you can choose between the classic Ptolemy’s or Dorotheus’s tables or define your own custom table of essential dignities.
  • Show custom uploaded images in the text reports: here you define if you want your image (or the ones by default) to appear in the report texts giving certain circumstances. You can choose not to show, show only the ascendant image, show the ascendant plus the most dignified (in score) planet, or show all the images.
  • Define custom images max. size in pixels: in this option, you choose the maximum width/height of the images to be presented if the previous option is set to “Yes” (see the article about uploading custom images). The plugin has a set of images by default).
  • Show Solar Sign glyph: choose wether to show or not the solar sign glyph that appears in the aspects drawing table, along with the sign name.
  • Show progress bar: when Tetrabyblos is in calculation mode, a blue progress bar appears at the top. You might choose not to show it.

In the “Bodies/aspects settings“, you have the following options which you must check or uncheck according to your preferences. If you check a box it will follow its label order.

  • Show the bodies/points you wish to hide: if checked, the minor or soft aspects will disappear in the output (Semisquare, Quintile, Sesquisquare, Biquintile, Parallel and Cont. Parallel).
  • All the other options of this type, if checked, will hide these bodies or points. So if you check, for example, the box labeled Chiron, it will not appear in the report.

In the “Display section settings” section, you choose – as in the previous section – to enable or hide parts of the report. So you can hide, for example, the Vedic report by checking the box with its label.



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